With Liberty and Justice for All

As we pause for prayer (worship) the Roman Liturgical Calendar tells us that this is the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  It is also in the US, the 4th of July Weekend.  As we LIVE our faith, one fact should not ignore the other.

A Facebook quote seen earlier this week stays in my mind:

Freedom is not the right to do as one pleases.  Freedom is the opportunity to do what is right.

Let me repeat:

Freedom is not the right to do as one pleases.  Freedom is the opportunity to do what is right.

In the letter to the Romans (8:9-13) Paul reminds us that we are in the Spirit (of Jesus) and not of the flesh (the worldly).  Paul goes us to tell us that we are not debtors — we do not owe — to the worldly.  We have been set free — first from death itself in that we will rise to new life ——–and secondly from deadly things.  We have been set free — free for what?

To do the right thing.

The Gospel of Matthew (11:25-30) tells us “up front” that doing the right thing is not the easy thing — at times it feels like a burden — it is burdensome — it is at times hard to do the right thing.  BUT, Jesus says, he offers, he promises – that he will help us to carry the burden — if we but yoke ourselves to him.

Many are feeling and saying that this 4th of July is unlike any other — and I feel that way.  Many usual events have been cancelled — and even some firework shows are going to be broadcast “virtually.”  Beaches are closed in many places — people are encouraged to attend small, family gatherings.  Parades are rare across the country.

We are seeing that no age group or profession is being spared of the coronavirus.  We are learning more and more about asymptomatic carriers and the fact that many people who never show the effects of the virus — are infecting others.

Social unrest has been lowered from a boil — to a simmer. The unrest has not gone away.  Just like Covid-19 has not gone away.

As always — when we feel overwhelmed — or helpless — we need to go back to the thought:

To the world I am one — but to the one, I am the world.

Just last week we were reminded by the scripture that if we give but a cup of cold water to the one in need, we give it to Jesus.

I am free to do what is right.  Right here, right now, at this moment — I can pledge allegiance to the right cause, the correct thing to do, the just action.

When ten individuals do the right thing ….. one-at-a-time, a movement begins.

The prophet Zechariah tells us (9:9-10) that our king will come, a just savior is he, meek …

We do not have to be loud — just do what is right — one person at a time, one house at a time, one neighborhood at a time, one city at a time … and then we become the nation where all people are created equal and where there is liberty and justice for all.

Some will march — some will write letters to political leaders to remove statues that offend — some will create scholarships affording equal access to education — or funds for equal access to health care.

By ourselves — yoked to Jesus –we will face and overcome all that burdens us individually and as a nation.



About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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  1. Rosanna LaFleur says:

    Awesome Fr Henry!!! Hope your 4th was a peaceful one!:)

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