Human wisdom v. The power of God

Last week, I mentioned that many non-sports fans refer to the Super Bowl as the “Super Bore”.  Little did I know that after the first half, many sports fans would be referring to the game as the Super Bore — wow, who could have predicted — a Super Blow-out!

Most so-called experts saw this game as a #1 offense against a # 1 defense.  Well so much for so-called “experts” … so much for the “power” of human wisdom.  [1 Cor. 2:1-5]

The Farmer’s Almanac had predicted for months  and months that the Super Bowl in a cold weather venue would be ruined by a h-u-g-e  snow storm …. they, of course, were wrong …… one day…… but still.

For a lot of life we chase after things … like fun, wealth, material things, comfort …. that are all passing.  Then we get wiser …. later in life … and realize with a greater wisdom, what is really important.  Just maybe …. a lot of folks … who think themselves wise, are still chasing after the unimportant things.

So …. let’s just say, we know all about the power of God triumphing human wisdom.  Let’s just say we use our wisdom, but we rely on the power of God.  Let’s just say, that through experience we have come to know that God expects us to do our best —- but to look to him for direction.  Let’s just say that …..

Then, God intends for us “wise men and women”, to be salt to the earth and light to the world.  We who have come to know the limits of our own wisdom, would n-e-v-e-r pretend to know the mind of God.  We would never, e-v-e-r claim “divine wisdom” for ourselves because we have seen the foolishness of our ways.

So…. we are to enlighten others … flavor the world around us.  How … telling them?? NOOOOOOOO … of course not … we did not always listen, so why would others necessary listen to us?  Sharing our “gained wisdom” is one thing …. telling, no — won’t work.  Talking to, no way.

What I think Jesus had in mind was for us to witness — to teach through our actions.  The choices we make … the way we live …. the values we proclaim … the way we serve … the way we spend money … the things we purchase …. all of these things speak louder than anything we say.

This week I met with a group of folks who had just moved into a new government-funded housing complex that had replaced an old, outdated PROJECT.  The goal is to establish a residents association to self-govern the “neighborhood” and to care for one another.  It was so hard to watch my language — instead of saying, “I am here to help you” — I worked hard to say …. I am where I am because so many people helped me …. I am where I am because others supported me …. and now, I want to offer whatever little I have learned so that you can then help others.

If the world around us seems cold, sterile, dark, without flavor …. then we have to look at ourselves — turn to God — get God’s wisdom, ask for his help/power and start to work.

Live what we preach –the just man/woman is a light in the darkness to the upright.

The Church is slow in learning that … it seems.  Too many people are thinking and saying, the Church preaches one thing … and does another.  People are learning to follow the Spirit within, as they realize those ordained are not living as they proclaim.

The just man/the just woman is a light in the darkness to the upright.  When the Pope gets the attention of “Rolling Stone” magazine, then we know …. somehow, he is doing something enlightening …. he is adding flavor to the world around us.

All of us can name times when our human wisdom has failed us …. we have trusted people who were untrustworthy — we have schemed only to realize “this” will lead to no good end.  We have bought things …. and later regretted it.  We have followed someone … almost off a cliff.  We have invested in a sure thing …. because we “felt” right about it only to later lick our wounds and to ask, “how could I have been so stupid?”

So — we realize we know some things.  We know a lot.  But, we do not know everything.  We have a lot of ways in which we can help others …. but we also have our own needs.  We are pretty powerful —- but not all-powerful.  We can do a lot …. but not everything.  We need a god …. we need GOD.  Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Ignorance is the beginning of learning.  In weakness we find our strength.

Our IQ measures our intelligence.  Lots of smart people make foolish choices.  Everyone in jail is not stupid.

So …. let’s take some time this week … to look back …. and to look at the moment … what does wisdom require of us.  What is our WQ — our wisdom quotient?

Praise God from whom all wisdom flows.




About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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