What was I thinking?!

QUESTIONS:  What thoughts occupied you this past week?  Who or what was most on your mind?  What thoughts kept popping into your head?

         Were your thoughts self-centered, self-protecting, or self-absorbed?  Were you worried about yourself or someone else?  Were you plotting or scheming?

        In Isaiah (55:6-9) we hear: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.”  So, were your thoughts the thoughts of the Lord? 

       I guess to some degree our thoughts reflect where our heart is.  When we are filled with a love for Jesus our thoughts are very different when we are consumed by fear, loneliness, anger, doubt. Do your thoughts control you or do you control your thoughts????

       As people of faith, we can do good things, loving things because it is what we are suppose to do …. or we can do good things, loving things as a disciple of Jesus, someone in love with Jesus and THE WAY(S) OF JESUS.

    The parable of the generous landowner who paid the same wages to those who worked one hour and those who worked all day (Mt. 20:1-6a) is a challenge to all of us.

     Think for a moment:  In baptism we all received the promised gift of salvation.  What a good “wage” for following Jesus.  The promise was given to all … the so-called good and bad.  AND THEN, on the day of judgment, we just might complain … “wait a minute Lord, look at all those cookies I baked, raffle tickets I sold, masses I attended….” and then “THAT PERSON” gets in too …

      OR … I know Lord we were promised salvation and peace … but how come she got better kids than me … or how come he can sing so well … or they got connections that I do not have ….

     Didn’t we all get the same hope, the same promise?

     The Gospel story really is not so far fetched is it?  We have seen ourselves many, many times as the one treated “unfairly”.  No one gives me free LSU football tickets!  I had to work for everything I got!

      Isaiah invites the “scoundrel” to forsake his way and the “wicked” his thoughts.  None of are scoundrels or wicked … right? … but maybe there are some thoughts that need to be ‘trashed’ and some thoughts that just are not worthy of who I really am.

     What I think about day in and day out really does say a lot about me, who I am.  My thoughts are really a reflection of my character.  My thoughts show where my heart is.


About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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