Got life-giving water? Is Jesus the great hydrator?

    As our entire nation seems to be under a “heat bubble”, we are all encouraged to hydrate regularly.  A  lack of hydration can lead to serious health issues, including death.

    The Scripture invites ALL who are thirsty come … and to drink the life-giving water given only by our God.  Our God gives to everyone simply because s/he is thirsty and willing to come.  There are no other requirements to come to Jesus.  Marital status is not an issue; race is not an issue; frequency of worship is not an issue; orthodoxy is not an issue; the ivitation is extended to each one and everyone.  “Wine and milk” are there for all without paying and without cost!  (Is. 55:1-3)

    Let us “come to the water” — let us drink deeply and savor — let us then  turn and bring water to others.  (Mt. 14:13-21) The water is there for us … and we in turn can bring the water to others.  We might not be able to “make them drink”, but we can offer the cup and show them the way to the source.

     Dietrick Bonhoeffer warned folks that it was possible “to be so spiritually minded that they would be of no earthly good.”  He was worried that Church would become so much “me and Jesus” spirituality that people would ignore what was happening in the world or fail to connect what was happening in Church with the events of the world.  {Remember, he was frustrated that people of faith and Church leaders did not challenge Hitler and seemed to ignore the plight of the Jews.  They thought they could be good “Christians” simply by worship and prayer.} 

     At the same time, we are also reminded  that if we are going to be good for anyone, we need to take time to come to the Lord, the one who alone can satisfy us, strengthen us, and enable us. If we are to be engaged in the work of building the kingdom, we better stop once in awhile and drink deeply — or the heat of the work and the lack of hydration just might cause us to fall flat right where we are.

      How often did you stop this past week to drink deeply?  Was there a moment that thirst seemed to overwhelm you?  Have you recently been so thirsty that you were actually delirious and seemed to be “out of your mind”?

     Some practical questions:

    > are you/we spending our hard earned wages on things that do not satisfy or your money for what is not bread?  (Is. 55:1-3)

    > are we consuming too much soda, alcohol, caffeine?  is the stuff we watch on tv making us “thirsty” for something unhealthy?

    > is there a regular/daily coming to the water to drink … is weekend worship the main time/only time we focus on the font of life?

   > what do your bring this weekend to place in Jesus’ hands for distribution to others? (Mt. 14:13-21)

   > are you/we feeding those who are hungry in our midst or are you/we looking for someone else to do it?  In these days of less government spending on social programs, are we as poeople of faith filling in the gap? (Mt.13-21)

    This weekend, let us first drink deeply and then let us share the cup of salvation!



About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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1 Response to Got life-giving water? Is Jesus the great hydrator?

  1. Nicole says:

    As I ride through the desert with my family on vacation, the posting today is especially beneficial. We are thirsty in this dry land, but fulfilled as we have cared for each other over 2 weeks filled with simply enjoying family. At the same time, I am aware that we did not take God on this journey as overtly as we should with a 4, 5 and 7 year old. We should have invited him with us each day and carved out that piece of family time that would have better quenched our thirst. As a family, we did invite others to the well by taking them to church with us and inviting them to join our blessings at meal time. Small efforts to nourish others, but hopefully seed planted on the fertile soil of my kids’ and friends’/family’s hearts. Thank you for your thoughts, Fr. H.

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