What about ‘finders keepers’?

      The Gospel of Matthew [13:44-52] tells the parable of the person who finds a buried treasure in a field.  This person then hides it again — goes and sells all that he has — and BUYS that field.  What about the old “rule” about finders keepers?  Because this person FOUND the treasure, can’t he claim that he is entitled to it?  

       The Gospel tells us … this person sold what he had and BOUGHT THE FIELD.

       The word and the concept of being entitled to something gets us all in trouble.  To what am I entitled?  I suggest — the only thing to which we are entitled is a chance or an opportunity.  EVERYTHING else requires some effort, some response.

      Yes, salvation is a gift — it cannot be bought or earned … but, the gift does require response and acceptance.  It requires that we “do” something.

      Do you agree with me that too many people [us?] think that we are entitled to more than is realistic?  Listen to the debt debates today and the what are called “entitlement programs”.  If I am entitled and you are entitled and the people next door are entitled, then who pays?

      The person who found the treasure had no sense that he was entitled to it — until he bought the field in which the treasure was found.

      To what are you entitled?

      If you are a pastor, to what are your people entitled?  What are they entitled to get from you?

      Do we really even know what we treasure most of all?    Solomon [1Kings 3:5, 7-12] could have had anything, and he treasured understanding more than anything.

      If you treasure some peace of mind, what are you willing to sell to get it?

     If you treasure quality family life, what are you willing to sell to get it?

    If you treasure a solid education, what are you willing to sell to get it?  If you want to be a champion athelete, what are you willing to sell to get it?

    What is THE CHURCH, your Church community, “selling” [or selling out] to attain a treasure?  What is the treasure THE Church/your Church trying to purchase?  Is your treasure and the treasure of the Church one and the same?

     As you ARE in Solomon’s shoes, what is it that you are asking for today?

     I think we are entitled to very little ….we have to seek, to dig, and to be willing to sell what we have to get the “more”.  Are you ready?




About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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