We are the wheat, right?? Right???

     How easily it is for us to read the gospel message of the wheat and the weeds [Mt. 13:24-43] and to hear the challenge for us to be patient with the weeds.  After all, our prayer and patience just might convert those ol’ weeds.  Thank God, I am not like those weeds!

       As we watch Democrats and Republicans duel it out over budgetary issues — we easily get frustrated with ______________.  If “they” would just compromise!

      When Church communities divide along “liberal and conservative” theological lines –those who are messing up the Church and those who are trying to stabilize the Church — we pray that “they” can see the wisdom of their ways.

      Me and my friends … we are the wheat right? 

      Judgment is about the future — it is too early to determine who is wheat and who is weed.  There is no product on the market that will change a weed to a blooming flower, but God’s patience and mercy can change the hardest of hearts and the meanest of people.  Today is not a time to label anyone — not me and not my neighbor.  Today is not the day to light the fire and to burn our enemies  … literally or figuratively.  Today is not the day to call for lighting to strike our enemies.

      There is no angelic recorder of sins and misdeeds — my body, my heart, my spirit records my misdeeds and my sin.  It is a fallacy to think there is this huge angelic being with a powerful computer program recording everything we do wrong.  God does not have to punish me for my sin … or you for yours … the punishment shows up in my daily living in my moods, my body, my heart, my sleep.  God is giving me time to clean things up.  God is loving and forgiving … slow to anger and quick to forgive.  Don’t wait for “judgment day” to see what went wrong — pay attention to it today.

       Begin by weeding your garden as I weed mine — am I sowing any seeds of discontent?  I am allowing anger to overshadow my good qualities?  Do I took often find “good reason” not to do what someone needs to have done?  I am using too much water, food, clothing, etc. during these tough economic times?  I am drawing lines and creating division in my family or place of work or Church?  I am expecting others to be more patient with me than I am willing to be with them?  There really is some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us.  We can all do a little weeding.

      Sow some good seeds each day — patience in the line at the post office; responding with silence or patience when someone else is ranting and raving; sharing a few dollars with someone [or some cause] that needs help; turn off the violence on tv and read a book, listen to music, or going to bed early. 

       Here is a prayer from St. Teresa of Avila  –   Let nothing disturb you, let nothing dismay you, all things pass, God never changes, patience attains all that it strives for; Who has God lacks nothing — God alone suffices.



About thegospelforliving

Retired Catholic Priest - now serving the community as a paralegal and charter school consultant.
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